How to Reduce Data Consumption on your Android Phone

Here and now, data usage in smartphone has excessively increased to an uncontrollable rate.

Before now, data consumption in mobile phone was very lesser compared to today’s experience, because internet surfing used to be mostly in text.

But now everything on the internet has to do with video streaming.

Facebook and Instagram have embedded video streaming script, apps update without telling you, YouTube got you addicted. And this all has to do with data. So in this content you are going to learn some the effective ways to reduce your data usage.

1. Restrict App Background Data

Go to Settings >> Data Usage and you can see a list of your apps and the amount of data they consume. Click on any of the apps, then turn on the “Restrict app background” This ensures that the app will consume data only when it is opened and the data usage will reduce.

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To avoid using excess of data without your knowledge, you can set a limit to your data usage and once the limit is reached your mobile phone will stop browsing until you extend the limit. So I think this will enable you make good use of your data.

Go to Settings >> and click on Data Usage >> Billing Cycle >> Data limit and billing cycle.

On this screen you will set the maximum amount of data you wish to use within a certain period of time.

2. Update Apps Over Wi-Fi Only

Disabling automatic app updates in Play Store is another valid way of reducing mobile data consumption.

Head to Google Play Store and click on Menu >> Settings >> Auto-update apps, then select “Over Wi-Fi only” . You can also select “Do not auto-update apps, if you wish to update your apps manually.

3. Avoid Streaming Service

Streaming of videos on Web, YouTube, Facebook Instagram consumes a big amount of your mobile data, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your leisure time, because a smart phone is not worth it without media. So if you are gonna stream, reducing your video quality and resolution is a good and valuable practice.

5. Turn off your data when you are not browsing

6. Turn on data saver on Google Chrome

7. Download Opera Mini Max or Beta.

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