How to Download and Save Instagram Videos and Photos

Instagram is a large Platform for uploading and sharing Videos, Photos and stories. Instagram also allows you to go live anytime you want to.

But Instagram does not support downloading of videos and photos on their platform due to copyright infringements, but there is a way out

So in these article am going to show you simple and easy steps to download videos and photos on Instagram with your Android device.

In these tutorial, I will be using EasyDownloader to show you how to save videos and photos on your android phone. And you will need to have Instagram app installed on your device before using EasyDownloader. So lets begin

How to Download and Save Instagram Videos and Photos

Step 1. Download EasyDownloader. You can download directly from play Store.

Step 2. Install and launch EasyDownloader

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Step 3. To activate the download feature, tap the Instagram icon on the top right side of the screen

Step 4. When you find any photo or video you want to download, tap the three dots under it and select Copy Share URL. Instead of copying the actual link, the content will be saved to your phone’s gallery, and you will be notified when the download is complete.

Step 4. Ensure to close the app when you are done downloading, so it won’t be running on background. Open the app and tap the power icon in the top-right side of the screen to exit.

That's all guys

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