Pregnant Woman Stabbed 24 Times By Her Lover After His Mum Found Out About Unborn Baby

A pregant mum has relived the moment she was knifed by her evil lover after his religious mum found out

She and the baby amazingly survived the attack in 2016 but she has now opened up about how her "world fell apart".

Babur Karamat Raja, 43, tried to murder Natalie Queiroz, 43, and their unborn baby by stabbing her in the stomach and chest 24 times with a 12-inch carving knife.

Strangers rushed to their rescue and Natalie, of Sutton Coldfield, was only saved because a breast implant protected her heart.

The blade missed her baby girl, now three, by just 2mm.

It wasn't until Natalie, who was 32-weeks along, came around from emergency surgery that she discovered it was her partner that tried to kill her in the brutal nine-minute attack.

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