Activate N300 For 1GB Special Data Offer On Glo

Glo N300 for 1GB data bundle was silently launched without adverts and news but I surprisingly stumbled upon it. That’s why I’m making this post to let everyone know.

The data is a normal data bundle that can be used to browse and surf online, stream online games and videos, play music and download heavily but note that it valid for just one 1 day.

It’s the best option if you are a heavy internet user who just want to journey deeply into the internet with an affordable plan.

How Can I Activate Glo N300 For 1GB?

It’s easy to activate. You don’t have stress up yourself. Kindly dial *777# and navigate through the options by pressing 1,1,5,1 (buy data, buy 3G data plan, special data offer…) And proceed to activate it.

How Many Days Does It Last?

Glo N300 for 1GB special data bindle or offer valid for just 1 day. It’s best if you’re a heavy internet user who just want to explore the internet world with an affordable and suitable data plan.

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