5 Reasons Why Men Get Bored Of Their Women In Relationships

Is it possible for people to get bored in relationships? Yes, it’s perfectly possible. Is it okay for people to get bored in relationships? Well, it all depends on the situation. As human beings, it’s as if our brains are collectively wired to always crave for more than what we have. We have all come to specific points in our lives wherein we find ourselves questioning whether this is really it. Is THIS really all there is to a relationship? Is THIS all that falling in love is supposed to be? Is there supposed to be something more that I should be expecting?

It’s normal. Relationships are always going to hit a certain ceiling; and the best couples continuously break that ceiling every time they reach it. We all get to a point in our relationships wherein the excitement and the thrill starts to get lost; wherein the novelty starts to lose itself. And it’s during that phase wherein couples need to work extra time into trying to get their mojo back. It’s very hard to sustain a romance and passion in a relationship when there is very little excitement and charm left to fuel it. That’s why couples must always make it a point to continually build on their intimacy with one another; to always be shaking things up.

When things are so fresh and new in a relationship, everything is so exciting. It’s as if even the simplest touch from the person you love could be enough to ignite all of your senses; to electrify your soul. You would often finds yourselves getting lost in your passion for one another; where there was never any shortage of intimacy or affection in your relationship. But somehow, it also gets to a point where these things are hard to come by. And you find your relationship’s thrill dwindling down to almost nothing tangible.

If you grow complacent, and you don’t do anything about your guy getting bored with you, then you risk losing him completely. Fortunately, to give you a better idea of what you might be doing wrong, 5 real men offered up their honest reasons as to why they felt they were getting bored with their own relationships:

1. “She didn’t give me a challenge anymore; she made it too easy.”
A lot of guys are going to crave for a challenge. And if you’re in a relationship with that kind of man, it’s important that you don’t make it too easy for him to love you. Make him feel like he really has to earn your love by working hard for it.


 2. “She wanted to settle down way too early in the relationship.”
Have your fun. Don’t rush him into tying the knot with you and having kids if all he wants to do is have fun in your relationship for a little bit. Settling down too early could lead to earlier boredom.

3. “She wasn’t just doing it for me in the bedroom anymore.”
If sex is a big deal to your man, always make sure that you are doing your best to fulfill each other’s sexual needs in the bedroom. Try out new positions or try having sex in places you wouldn’t normally be doing it.

4. “She doesn’t let me have my alone time.”
Always make sure that you respect your man’s individuality and his desire for occasional privacy. You are not entitled to all of his time. You have to give him the space to be his own person; to shake things up.

5. “She doesn’t allow me to spend much time with my friends.”
If you let yourself be your man’s ENTIRE social life, you can’t blame him for being bored. Allowing him to be with other people will refresh his social needs. Being with other people will stimulate him in ways that you can’t.

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