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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

United States Detaches Itself From Taking Sides in Nigeria’s 2019 elections

The United States Government has said that it won't take side in the Nigeria's 2019 general elections, saying it needs the champ to be chosen in a free and reasonable challenge.

"What's more, we will do everything we can to help Nigeria's government", Counselor for Public Affairs, US Embassy, Aruba Amirthanayagam, said in Minna, Niger State yesterday when he visited the Executive Director of Prestige FM Radio, Zubair Idris.

He asked the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to recreate its 2015 performance in the coontry's 2019 general elections.

He portrayed the 2015 races as by and large recognized as free, fair and straightforward.

"The United States expects that the 2019 general races will be free and straightforward. I figure we should rehash the achievement we had in the last race since we have had decisions in a few sections of Africa that have not gone well. What we got in 2015 was incredible for Nigeria and for whatever is left of Africa and other creating nations " he said.

Requested to remark on the announcement credited to President Donald Trump that Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari was "dormant " when he visited White House as of late, the advisor stated: "We have no particular remark on that, a daily paper distributed it the paper should remark on it".

The instructor said there was exemption in Nigeria which, as per him, "is a danger to majority rules system".
He praised the administration of the radio station for displaying a high feeling of polished methodology in its reportage and projects.

He said the US government would aid additionally improving the station's polished methodology through preparing of its staffs.

The Executive Director of the station, Idris, guaranteed that it would keep up its freedom, saying "what we are doing here is participatory broadcasting."

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