Road Accidents till 1,331 Nigerians Within Three Months – NBS

At least, 1,331 Nigerians died in road crashes in the second quarter of 2018, a report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Road Transport Data (Q2 2018) said on Tuesday.

NBS said 1,257 of the 1,331 Nigerians that died, representing  94% of the figure were grown-ups while the rest of the 74 Nigerians, representing  6% of the figure were kids.

The figure likewise uncovered that "1,047 male Nigerians, speaking to 79%, got murdered in street crashes in Q2 while 284 female Nigerians, speaking to 21% got slaughtered."

The NBS in the report distinguished speed infringement as the real reason for crashes in the three months under audit.

"The Q2 2018 street transport information mirrored that 2,608 street crashes happened inside the quarter under survey. Speed infringement is accounted for as the significant reason for street crashes in Q2 and it represented 50.65% of the aggregate street crashes detailed.

"Tire burst and risky driving took after nearly as they both represented 8.59% and 8.40% of the aggregate street crashes recorded," NBS said.

NBS said advance that an aggregate of 8,437 Nigerians got harmed in the street car accidents recorded in the second quarter of 2018.

"7,946 of the 8,437 Nigerians that got harmed, speaking to 94% of the figure, are grown-ups while the staying 491 Nigerians, speaking to 6% of the figure are kids. 6,415 male Nigerians, speaking to 76%, got harmed in street crashes in Q2 while 2,022 female Nigerians, speaking to 24% got harmed," it said.

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