'My Wife is a Robber' - Man Tells Court

Olatunde Akintunde, computer administrator, on Tuesday assented to the divorce suit documented by his wife, Dasola, claiming that she was a criminal.

In a counter contention for the situation, Olatunde expressed that his better half broke into his shop to take computer sets, photocopy machines, a creating set and a cooking stove.

He stated, "Dasola added nothing to the business I set up for her as I was exclusively in charge of each thing.
"When I relinquished my underlying business, I chose to set up a PC focus in Ibadan.

" I at that point welcomed Dasola to go along with me after she had learnt PC task.

"Multi day when I was away, she split into the bolt up shop to take the PCs.

"Moreover, Dasola's mom never gave our marriage a breathing space since she continued advising her to abandon me.

"Notwithstanding when she conceived an offspring, Dasola's mom once took her away, forsaking the multi month-old youngster to me for a long time.
"Here and there, her mom doesn't enable her to go through Christmas with me.

"In the event that I set out grumble, them two would challenge my power and even battle me.

"Indeed, she had left for an entire year prior despite the fact that I still reluctantly obliged her," Olatunde expressed.

In any case, prior in her appeal, Dasola presented that her significant other had frequently beaten her.
"My master, at whatever point Olatunde needs to beat me, he bolts the way to give me the beating of my life.

" He crushed a basin on my temple in the last occurrence.
"Olatunde's more youthful sibling even needed to lay down with me and when I announced this to him, he undermined to ask me to leave for good.

"Aside this, Olatunde wouldn't like to see my mom and he is ill bred to my relatives.

"Most exceedingly awful still, a portion of my assets, for example, apparel, kitchen utensils, PC sets and couple of different things are still in his authority.

"I am disappointed with living with Olatunde, it would be ideal if you isolate us," Dasola had said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the team inhabit Omowumi territory of Ibadan.

The Chief Ademola Odunade, the President of the court, anyway requested that the two gatherings outfit the court with the proof that the things being referred to had a place with both of them.
Odunade at that point dismissed the case till Sept. 26 for judgment.

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