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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Missing Five Year Old Boy Found Dead Inside Neighbour’s Well

Parents of a five-year-old kid, Opeyemi Oke, still can't seem to grapple with the truth of the demise of their only child.

Opeyemi, a kindergarten student, was discovered dead inside a well dove close to an uncompleted working in Osere, Agbado region of Ogun State, where he lived with her mom and grandma.

It learnt that Opeyemi had disappeared around 9am on Sunday after he was dressed up by his grandma.

The grandma together with inhabitants was said to have looked round the network for him without any result.

It was accumulated that the episode was accounted for to the baale (the conventional pioneer) of the network who likewise sent a scan gathering to search for the child. 

After their endeavors demonstrated unsuccessful, the case was accounted for at the Agbado Police Station by the family.

Amid another round of search on Wednesday, an occupant watched "a coasting object" in the well, which is a couple of meters from the perished's grandma's compound. He purportedly raised the caution and the police were alarmed to the revelation.

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