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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Man Kills Girlfriend After Finding Condoms In Her Handbag In Edo State

A Nigerian man, Osaremwinda Iduwanyi who supposedly murdered a mother of three, Gladys Okoh for alleged cheating has given the principal reason behind why he murdered her.

The perished before her passing was a divorced person. Iduwanyi admitted that he executed the lady in the wake of discovering condoms in her purse.

He made the admission while being strutted by the Commissioner of Police in Edo state, Kokumo Johnson. The police official said Iduwanyi wounded his casualty severally "on the stomach, posterior, ribs and private part with a blade. The presume blamed the casualty for betrayal having found condoms in her purse"

As indicated by Iduwanyi, "What happened was a mix-up, I never did it deliberately. We were living respectively with a guarantee to get hitched.

We were not kidding in the relationship. I had before cautioned her to halt from getting telephone calls from his male companions and she guaranteed to stop it. Multi day she said I should give her cash to begin business and I needed to offer my auto for N250, 000 and gave her N150, 000. She set out to Lagos and utilized the cash to and purchase individual garments and the following day I detailed the issue to the sibling that I needed to offer my auto in view of her and now she utilized the cash to purchase garments for her own utilization.

"On the day that I killed her, I saw her with my mom quarreling blaming my mom for tattling about her which my mom denied. She promptly went into the house and stopped her things that she was clearing out. I needed to permit her go yet the following morning I went to her and beseeched her to remain. She pushed me away that I ought to go and meet my mom. She said my mom was in charge of my disappointment.

I saw her getting dressed planning to leave and when I argued that she should stay she pushed me away and we began battling. There was a blade near her which she got and needed to cut me yet I gathered it from her and cut her in her stomach area a few times. I fled by bouncing through the fence. I additionally discovered condoms with her on a few events.

My better half and two kids were in Italy. I came to Benin in view of my dad's entombment . I appeal to God to pardon me. It was not purposeful."

The police manager in the state likewise marched a few other men who murdered their lady friends for various reasons.

As indicated by him, a 19-year-old Junior Omo Shaba admitted to wounding to death, his 18 years of age sweetheart distinguished as Matilda Odiri. He said his late sweetheart blamed him for treachery.

Shaba, who lamented his activity which he depicted as a misstep, said he surrendered the cadaver of his better half by the side of the street when he located vigilante men on watch close to the scene of the wrongdoing.

He stated, "At around 11 pm when I returned home on the game changing day, I saw my better half Matilda Odiri at the door sitting tight for me so I took her in. While peeling the orange she purchased for me she began griping that I used to keep late evenings and that occasionally I would not go to the house.

She likewise blamed me for keeping another relationship. As we were contending she needed to utilize the blade to cut me so I gathered the blade from her and in the process I erroneously wounded her on her bosom and she tumbled down.

I was in stun when I understood what had happened seeing my better half dying. I them conveyed her with the expectation of taking her to the doctor's facility however as I was strolled down the road I saw flashes of torchlight and discharges let go by a few individuals from vigilantes so I dropped her body and fled. Somebody called me early in the day that an extensive group had accumulated around the cadaver of my better half. My dad at that point called that I should report myself to the police headquarters in Aduwawa. 

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