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Friday, 3 August 2018

How To Conquer Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction is a topic that is receiving more and more attention these days. From celebrities whose life has spiralled out of control, to teenagers whose school work is seriously affected, it's a subject that is worthy of more research.

At the click of a mouse, the Internet offers almost limitless possibilities for viewing pornography. What takes place when viewing online porn spirals out of control? When does it become an addiction? How can someone who is struggling with it get help?

Pornography addiction is not yet recognized by the American Psychological Association as a psychological disorder (as many other addictions are), but greater focus is now being given to this problem and an ever increasing number of people are seeking help in this area.

The criteria for identifying pornography addiction is very similar to other addictions. Does reading, watching, thinking about, and/or viewing pornography interfere with your work, personal life, relationships, social interactions or family life? If you answer yes to this question, you could have a pornography addiction.

What makes porn addiction a greater problem than in the past?


It's easier than ever before to access pornography. Before the Internet, it was necessary to actually enter an adult entertainment store and purchase material. It required a certain degree of personal disclosure -- taking the magazine, video or DVD to the cashier meant that you would be identified as a pornography consumer, which of course deterred quite a few people from consuming it in the first place. Now, all it takes is a quick Internet search and anyone can access an almost unlimited amount of porn in the privacy of their own room.

Early exposure

Whereas in the past access to this kind of thing would be rare and difficult to obtain, with the Internet children have a good chance of being exposed to it from an early age. Research has shown that 42% of children have viewed Internet pornography before reaching the age of 18.


Some experts believe that tolerance is built up when it comes to pornography addiction, much as tolerance is built up with alcohol addiction or other substances. The need to view pornography appears to increase with the amount the addict views. The Internet offers a virtually unlimited supply of pornography websites -- in fact, there are estimated to be around 420 million different sites now available.

Getting Help

As pornography addiction becomes more common and receives more attention, our understanding of it grows. As our understanding of this problem increases, so too does our ability to effectively treat it.. One possible way to view pornography addiction is to see it as a form of sex addiction. Currently, there are several helpful and effective ways that it may be treated. In addition to 12 step programs such as Sex Addicts Anonymous, and Sexual Compulsives Anonymous, there are a number of recovery programs, both on and offline that offer help with this addiction. Individual therapy can also be accessed. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, may be particularly effective, as is hypnotherapy when tacking this addiction.

If you, or someone you care about is experiencing difficulty because of pornography, help is available. With the right kind of therapy this really is a problem that can be overcome.

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