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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Court Condemns Man to Death For Robbing His Boss With a Toy Gun

An Ikeja High Court on Wednesday condemned a driver, Monsuru Ayoola, to death for robbing his boss Lanre Alabi in 2015 with a toy gun and cutlass.

Ayoola, an occupant of No. 153, Adeniyi Adeniji St., Lagos Island, Lagos, who was summoned on March 14, 2016, had claimed that his previous boss owed him unfulfilled obligations of compensation.

NAN reports that he had argued not blameworthy to a three-check charge of intrigue, outfitted theft and perpetrating damage.

In her judgment, Justice Raliat Adebiyi, discovered Ayoola liable of equipped theft, and vindicated him of different charges.

Adebiyi stated: "The respondent is discovered blameworthy on the check charge of outfitted theft.
"The discipline for the offense is a strict and required one and consequently, the allocutus of the barrier direct can't have any significant bearing.

"The litigant is thus condemned to death as per Section 295 of the Criminal Law of Lagos 2011.
"May God show benevolence toward your spirit."

Adebiyi held that the indictment did not demonstrate that the convict incurred damage on one Oluwasegun Badia, the charged second casualty of the theft assault who was not delivered in court.

"On check two which is the charge of delivering damage, the court finds that the arraignment was not able create in court, verification of the damage and additionally the asserted casualty (Badia), "Adebiyi held.

Prior, the Prosecuting Counsel, Mrs O. R Ahmed-Muili, had said the convict submitted the offense at midnight on Oct. 11, 2014 at No. 16, Yeye Olofin St., Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

"While wearing a plastic cover to disguise his character, and outfitted with a blade and toy weapon, he victimized Alabi, his previous boss of his dark wallet containing N50,000 and his Nokia and HTC cell phones.

"He additionally looted Mr Oluwaseun Badia of N18,000 and a Nokia cell phone and wounded Badia while escaping the wrongdoing scene.

"The offenses contradicted areas 243 and 295 of the Criminal Law of Lagos 2011," she said.

The arraignment said the convict was, in any case, caught by security protects and was unmasked amid the resulting battle as he endeavored to get away.

Three indictment witnesses, including Alabi, the convict's previous business affirmed amid the preliminary.

Alabi conceded that the convict was utilized as his driver for a long time, yet denied owing Ayoola any overdue debts of pay.

He told the court that the convict had lived with him over the span of his business yet needed to ease him of his obligation because of his wrongdoing.

At the point when the safeguard opened its case with Ayoola as the main barrier witness on June 22, 2017, the convict had guaranteed that Alabi owed him pay of four years and four months.

He told the court that upon the arrival of the charged wrongdoing, he just went to go up against Alabi at his home over his unpaid pay, where he assaulted him with a cutlass.

As indicated by him, he blacked out amid the fracas and when he was restored, he ended up at a police headquarters.

Before capital punishment, Ayoola's direction, Mrs O. Oreagba-Ademola, had in her allocutus, begged the court to temper equity with leniency.

"We ask Your Lordship to temper equity with leniency, he is a first time guilty party and has no earlier criminal record," Oreagba-Ademola argued.

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