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Sunday, 26 August 2018

Angry Mob Sets Motorcycle Thief on Fire in Cross River

A furious crowd has lynched and set fire on a motorcycle  thief in Ikom Urban 1, Ikom neighborhood government zone of Cross River State, killing  him in the process.

An onlooker, who gave his name as Cornelius, said the occurrence happened by 4:30am and the speculate's name was given as Emmanuel, from Akwa Ibom State, who lived and worked together as an Okada (cruiser) rider in Ikom nearby government zone.

Another observer, Bojor Okongor, said the casualty was endeavoring to powerfully grab a bike from the proprietor at gunpoint when he met his Waterloo.

"The Victim was a motorcyclist (Okada man) by calling, named Emmanuel, from Akwa Ibom, and an occupant of a similar neighborhood where he was discovered endeavoring to strongly grab a bike from the first proprietor with gun and a blade.

"However, he was so shocking and he's to pay with his life for every one of his abominations. He was gotten, beaten to mash and instantly consumed to dead by the irate Youths.

"I denounce this in its totality. Regardless, we should quit taking lives we can't give and furthermore say no to wrongdoing."

At the point when reached on telephone on Friday, the Police Public Relations Officer, Ms Irene Ugbo affirmed the occurrence, and said the police had cautioned occupants against bringing laws into their hands.

As per her, "We've generally let them know not to enjoy Jungle Justice, since wilderness equity is an offense by the law. Anyone being gotten will be captured and charged for kill.

"We've given this notice a few times – it's simply that when these things happened, you know Police can't be wherever in the meantime and before Police will move in there, this individuals may have brought the laws into their hands and the harm done as of now.
"In this way, what we lecture and will keep on preaching is that, anyone being gotten would be captured."
Ms Ugbo guaranteed to utilize the media and different partners to sharpen the overall population on the ramifications of jungle justice.

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