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Friday, 31 August 2018

25 Year Old Mother Of 2 Hacked To Death In Ekiti

25-year-old mother of two, Miss Kehinde Olomola, has died on from wounds she sustained amid an assault in her home at Igede people group in Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government Area of Ekiti.

Her twin sister Taiwo, told newsmen, on Thursday, that the late Kehinde did not survive a cut she got in her neck, and that she died at the Federal Teaching Hospital (FETHI), Ido-Ekiti, on Monday.

Taiwo asserted that when she called her twin sister on the phone, at around 9pm on Sunday, "I heard a male voice out of sight and I angrily finished the call in the wake of inquisitive about the male voice."

She stated: "The male voice was weird to me, I got irate and I said 'what is a man doing in your room at such late hour'. I didn't sit tight for an answer as I finished the call. That was the last I got notification from her until we learnt the next morning that she had been wounded in the neck."

Talking on the passing, their family companion, Daniel Oluwadare, said he got a telephone call from the senior sibling of the perished, Tosin Olomola, that she had been harmed and that he saw her in a pool of her blood.

Oluwadare said he saw the lethally wounded Kehinde scarcely breathing and clarified that neighbors encouraged in getting her to the General Hospital, Iyin-Ekiti where she got emergency treatment, before she was moved to FETHI.

As indicated by him, "the specialists at FETHI did to breath life into her, and despite the fact that she couldn't be heard as she endeavored endeavors to react when made inquiries, she could state that she was assaulted by one Odunayo, yet we couldn't interpret the other name she was specifying."

Oluwadare said the specialists declared Kehinde's demise to them on Monday "after we however that she had endured."

On what they thought may have prompted her being assaulted and by whom, Taiwo expressed that she didn't know about any one her sister had issues with, bringing up that she was "an exuberant individual who plays with individuals and an agreeable individual that wouldn't be found in a bad position."

She said a suspect had been captured by the police, and demanded that "the police must enable us to get to the foundation of this agonizing homicide; they should make suitable strides and guarantee that whatever the laws endorsed for a killer must be connected."

Affirming the occurrence, the Public Relations Officer of the Ekiti State police charge, Mr. Caleb Ikechukwu, said the episode was accounted for soon after the demonstration was conferred "and the police swung without hesitation."

Ikechukwu said "cops were sent to the scene, where they saw a pool of blood and blood on her telephone and a hatchet that was utilized to perpetrate the wrongdoing. The woman was raced to the doctor's facility where she later passed on."

DSP Ikechukwu included that "before the woman passed on, she made a diminishing statement of who endeavored to cut her. She specified some name and the police observed those names and affected a capture."

He said in regards to three people were captured in regards to the wrongdoing and included that the case was still under scrutiny and that when examination was finished up, whoever was discovered punishable will be charged to court and will confront kill accusation."

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