Woman Sets House on Fire Because She Wasn't Welcomed To a Party

A Tennessee lady has been arrested for burning down a house since she wasn't welcome to a party.

The woman recognized as Shameka Howse was captured on Wednesday and accused of vandalism, irritated illegal conflagration and rash danger/strike with a dangerous weapon for the episode.

As indicated by an affirmation from the Metro Nashville Police Department, Howse and a unidentified man pulled up at a house on North 29th Avenue in Nashville on June 28 and when she started shouting about not being welcome to a gathering at the house.

At the point when those inside the home would not give her access, she professedly said she would set fire to the house, WTVF detailed

From that point, police said she strolled back to the truck, hauled out a container of lighter liquid and began pouring it once again the front window of the house. Police says she at that point took a butane lighter and lit a fire.

Lady sets house ablaze in fact of the fact that she was not welcomed to a gathering?

As per agents, Howse and the obscure driver fled as three individuals inside the home attempted to put it out. The flares were smothered before any genuine harm was caused, and nobody was harmed.

Howse who was captured on Wednesday is being hung on an aggregate bond for $45,000.

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