Police Arrests Officer Who Shot Female Corps Member in Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory Police Command has captured a cop, Benjamin Peter who shot a corps member, Linda Igwetu on Wednesday morning. 

It was accumulated that criminologists of the command had started investigation concerning the demise of the 22-year-old, who was shot while driving with two of her partners around Ceddi Plaza, Central Business District, Abuja. 

The perished was to go out from her one-year national administration on Thursday. 

It was accumulated that agents would determine Peters' claim that he heard a yell for help before shooting the lethal shot that took Igwetu's life. 

The police additionally affirmed that the driver and passengers of the auto would be cross examined to clarify why he didn't stop to be looked. 

The expired's kin, Chinenye has similarly affirmed that the police had not formally educated the family why Igwetu was shot dead by the trigger-cheerful policeman.

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  1. A life has ended a Day to her moment of Joy... Whether it was intentional or not (he) The shooter should pay severely for his action.
    A gun should always been in safe mode and never be fired by a federal agent unless he/she is faced with a crossfire with an armed personnel or other gunmen.

    I'm not a federal agent but that's simple common sense... You don't just go around shooting anyhow unless you mean to kill & destroy.

    I really don't believe there would be justice on this matter. Federal government agencies should not just view this as a regular occurrence but take proper action in order to make sure that federal agents don't take foolish, and last minute decisions like this unfortunate policeman.
    A word is said to be enough for the wise. Thank you