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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Man Dies After He Rescues Pregnant Woman in Osun

A moderately aged man, whose personality was not known at squeeze time, died in a river amid a storm on Friday night at Eyin Ala zone of Akure, the Ondo State capital.

As per an observer, the man met his death after he protected a pregnant lady who fell into the waterway amid the deluge and was going to be swerved away.

The observer said amid the deluge, the entire zone was overflowed and the pregnant lady was going by when she fell however that the 'Great Samaritan' hurried at her and spared her from slipping into the stream.

He stated, "Amid the substantial rain, wherever was overwhelmed in the region and it was exceptionally hard to distinguish the street from the stream. As the pregnant lady was going through the overwhelmed street, she all of a sudden fell into a drain adjacent to the waterway

"As she was attempting to escape the overflowed canal, the man (expired) surged at the lady and saved her from being cleared into the stream however tragically the lady was saved while the rescuer was cleared away by the waterway."

At the point when reached on the issue, the Police Public Relations Officer of the Ondo State Command, Mr Femi Joseph, affirmed the episode and said the order had initiated examination concerning the issue.

He stated, "It's extremely awful that the occurrence happened and the man kicked the bucket while attempting to protect someone else. We still can't seem to know the personality of the expired yet we have recouped the cadaver and examination has started."

The PPRO included that the carcass had been kept at the funeral home of the Ondo State Specialist Hospital, Akure.

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