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Monday, 9 July 2018

Killer of NYSC Female Corps Member Dismissed by the Police Force

The Police Command in the FCT has captured and expelled the policeman, Benjamin Peters, who supposedly killed an NYSC member, Angela Igwetu, in Abuja few days before her passing out.

The Commissioner of Police, Sadiq Bello, revealed this while tending to newsmen on the happening on Friday in Abuja. Mr Bello said that important disciplinary strategies had been carried out.

"He has been dismissed from the command and summoned under the watchful eye of a court of able ward and he is at present on remand awaiting further disciplinary actions," he said.

"It was affirmed that the lady, one Angela Igwetu stood up and drew out her head through the sun top of a Toyota Camry car yelling and calling for help that she was abducted," he said.

He said that the police guaranteed that they waved to the vehicle however the driver declined to stop which made the police Inspector to start shooting at the vehicle which hit the expired.

The chief said that the summon would not excuse demonstration of flippancy and incivility or out and out culpability with respect to officers and men.

"They have dependably been rebuked to be thoughtful to individuals from the general population and be proficient in the direct of their obligations," he said.

He consoled occupants of the region to approach their legal organizations without dread of attack or badgering as their tranquility and security were ensured consistently.

Mr Bello bid for quiet and comprehension from individuals from the general population and group of the expired as equity would win in the issue.

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