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Monday, 23 July 2018

4 SARS Agents Dismissed, Charged With Burglary, Kidnapping

Four policemen connected to the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS), Lagos State Command have been dismissed from the force over affirmed burglary and different wrongdoings.

They are sergeants Adeoye Adekunle, Adeniran Adebowale, Agbi Lucky and Odighe Hehosa.

The Assistant Inspector-General responsible for the Zone 2 Command, Adamu Ibrahim, maintained the proposal of a police disciplinary body that prescribed the expulsion of the four policemen. The policemen have additionally been charged to court on offenses of outfitted burglary, seizing, unlawful confinement, terrorizing and brutal dangers.

Their rejection was spin-off of an appeal to by one Mr Chukwudi Godwin Odionye, prominently alluded to as 'Minister' on May 2, 2018. The candidate expressed that on June 4, 2017, he was in his home at Alagbado, Lagos, when the four equipped men came in to impact his capture on an affirmation of performing counterfeit marvels.

He expressed that after his capture, he was taken to a lodging at Agege where he was kept and undermined with death in the event that he neglected to collaborate. He clarified encourage that on June 5, 2017, he was taken to a bank where he was made to exchange N7 million from his record to one of the agents' record.

On the receipt of the request, the AIG requested examination concerning the case after which it was found that no legitimate police methodology for examination was followed in Odionye's capture.

The four SARS agents, it was stated, simply snatched their casualty from his home and unlawfully confined him in the inn for individual increases.

The policemen were in this way discovered liable amid efficient room preliminary for proficient offense, degenerate practices and discreditable lead.

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