Checkout These 3 Strange S*x Rituals Practiced in Africa

Africa is so a weird continent with a number of the weirdest traditions: from cleansing corpses and unhealthy water to arrange communal meals to beating each other mindlessly simply to impress a lady, the continent is undeniably made in culture.

Whether these customs area unit helpful in any thanks to those that apply them may be a topic for an additional day, however one custom price exploring involves strange s*x rituals still being practiced in Africa.

Ceejayinfo looks at the 3 strange s*x rituals practiced in Africa

1.Virginity Testing

Locally referred to as Umhlanga, virginity testing may be a widespread tradition in Africa, particularly among the Zulu ethnos. Despite various  attempt by the South African government to outlaw it, Umhlanga remains a preferred annual Zulu reed dance ceremony.


For any woman to participate during this ceremony, her virginity should be tested by a professional virginity tester.

The actual testing is carried out in a secluded space using exposed hands. The woman being tested lies down on her back together with her legs open. The tester then opens her leg and dipping each hands inside her, apparently to ascertain if her hymen is unbroken. If all is well, the woman is given a status certificate.

Locals argue that this ritual helps to curb the unfold of HIV/AIDS as a result of young women area unit forced to abstain from s*x till they become elderly. Still, the practise has been widely criticized, with some folks speech it’s undignified.

2. S*xual Cleansing

S*xual cleansing, that is also known as “Kusasa Fumbi,” is a well-liked African tradition practiced in many African countries, Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, and more.

During the ritual, a lady is expected to engage in s*xual intercourse with a male s*x patner domestically referred to as “hyena.”

This ritual happens once a woman gets her first menstuation, once a wife loses her husband, or after abortion.

At times, the ritual is administrated by a specific future husband or the widow’s relative-in-law. Hyenas aren't imagined to use any style of protection once acting the ritual – a demand that has vie an enormous role within the unfold of HIV, other STIs, and unwanted pregnancies.

3.  Wife Stealing


Wife stealing is an annual ritual practiced by the Wodaabe tribe, a subgroup of the Fulani ethnos found within the Sahel region. Girls from this  area are allowed to possess as several husbands as they want.

During the wife-stealing ceremony, which may press on for days, girls are needed to select their most popular mates from a gaggle of men placed on a spectacular s*xual union dance with the hopes of being picked.

A woman will choose as several mates as she pleases and have s*xual intercourse with them before she settles on one.

This competition is taken into account to be the world’s top beauty pageant for men.The wife-stealing competition is totally different from different pageants around the world because  it’s the ladies who get to select their favorite mates.

The weirdest issue concerning this practise is that it doesn’t matter however long the lady has been married; once she has picked a person, the tribe accepts the new union and regards it as a real wedding.

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