Why You're So Damn Ugly And How To Become Beautiful Or Handsome

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I'm quite sure that you've heard that said once before. But here's the million-dollar question! What does that mean? Moreover, how can you get the world to behold the inherent beauty that is within you?

Did you know, that everyone is beautiful? Beauty, is a divine, natural, attribute of all life! Most women are very beautiful! Women are naturally s*xy to men! Most men, are also very handsome. Again, even the most average of a man is quite handsome in some way or form to most women. That's the honest truth, and I kid you not.

The true issue is, that we have classified and categorized different levels of beauty. Some of us are s*xy! Some of us are cute! Some of us are handsome! Some of us are just good looking. While, some of us are drop dead gorgeous! These very distinctive levels of beauty classification serve an extremely crucial role in our advanced society. The important thing to understand is that the area of beautification is not a restricted social mobility system. A person can totally go from butt ugly to drop dead gorgeous in a very short matter of time!

The qualifications, that are the beauty credentials, which allow a person to freely move through the different levels of beauty are not directly governed by physical appearance or features. This means, essentially, that a big fat unattractive person, a very dark black person, an extremely lanky person, a woman with the most flattest booty, a man with effed up teeth, a chick with funky glasses, or an older person with sagging facial skin can move through these different levels of beauty classification without much regard to the alteration of their physical being.

Let me spell this out for you. It's not about firm bouncy breasts, or round apple bottoms, big beefy bodies, or long luxurious hair! So many got that backwards! It's not about petite feet, straight white teeth, a flat tummy, or a super long ding a ling. These, may or may not be good things to have, but I'm telling you that they are independent from true beauty. So, what am I telling you? I am telling you that beauty is not just skin deep. As a matter of fact, the physical appearance will prove to be very superficial over time, when it comes to true beauty.

Now that you have a better broader understanding of the concept of the mobility privileges obtainable by even the most seemingly butt ugliest person, the next question is how does an ugly person navigate the beauty system? How can that pimpled face girl exude s*x appeal, so that she begins to attract fly compliments? How can that fat bald headed guy become so physically attractive, that he now literally has gorgeous women virtually crawling all over him? How can a skinny little dude start to be greatly revered and respected by some of the biggest, buffest, meanest, bad ass guys out there? But, more importantly, how do you become more beautiful or handsome yourself?

The process of beautification begins on the inside. You cannot be ugly on the inside, and expect to be beautiful on the outside. Because whatever is on the inside, will over power and over take what is on the outside, as the inside will shine through to the outside. Beauty is an intrinsic quality that is inside to out, not outside to in! This perfectly explains why some of the most seemingly average looking people can have the most powerful attractiveness to them. They are beautiful on the inside, and this internal beauty energy radiates from within them!

Moreover, these are the types of people who 'see' themselves as beautiful, and so the world simply amplifies that signal that they are radiating outwards into the world.

If you see yourself as unattractive, eventually, the world will begin to see you as unattractive as well. Because the world is your mirror. For the most part, it is simply a reflection of what you are projecting outwards. If you begin to project a different signal, you will, without doubt, see the reflection of this new signal.

If you can't see yourself as s*xy, then how can you expect the world to see you as s*xy? If you can't see yourself as handsome, then why would you expect anyone else to see that you are handsome? If you can't give your own self a fly ass compliment, then isn't it kind of silly to be desperately looking for a fly compliment from someone?

Understand, that the first order of beauty, is to break free from needing external validation. It is a great mistake to look for compliment or praise from the outside world. You should only depend upon the praise and compliment which comes from the inside world, because the outside world is only reflecting what you are projecting into it from within. That's why it's so important for you to develop a strong self-confidence, because you are your own beauty authority.

Begin the process of beautifying yourself, now. You do this, by simply turning your focused attention inwards upon your own self. Begin to cultivate a new intimate loving relationship with your own self. You gotta start grooming yourself to the best of your ability. It doesn't matter if your hair has terrible split ends and is falling out! It doesn't matter how fat you are! It doesn't matter how big your forehead is. It doesn't matter how large your ears are. You need to know that your physical attributes are programmed and given rank by none other than you!

Start looking in the mirror and giving yourself nice compliments. Say things like, "Hi, there! You are so beautiful!" Say, "You sure do look very handsome today!" Say, "Dam! You are so phreakin s*xy!" Don't stop there, but take it up a notch higher! Go on to say, "I love how your hair looks!" Say, "You are so perfect!"

Understand that these are powerful affirmations, and when you do them or recite them in the mirror daily, you are literally beginning the process of s*xifying yourself up! You are raising your attractive barometer! Yes you are! This is how you do it! It's not a physical external work, but this is an internal mental and emotional work! The mental and the emotional work is together, spiritual work! You must do this spiritual internal work first, and then you will see some of the most divine results externally! I promise you that!

What's going to happen, is you are going to start noticing that other people are now giving you compliments! They are beginning to give you praise, like they have never done so before!

It is very important to be attractive, so don't kid yourself. Attractive people get all the good breaks, simply because they are attractive! People will hold doors for you! They will pull out chairs for you! They will even cover your tabs! They will flirt with you, and the list of social benefits are virtually infinite.

Just like you must be the first one to compliment and praise your own self, you need to be the first one to pamper yourself too! Get you a nice scent. A perfume that you like! A nice cologne that you enjoy smelling. Don't overlook this scent step, because it is this very scent which will help to give your body a signature. It's going to allow you to brand the room, and where ever you have been! In the night time, rub and massage your own feet, regardless of your gender. Get some sensual oils, and rub your legs down. Really, go all out to pamper yourself. But, do this in your own private space and in your own private time. This is all part of your internal work of developing your inner beauty!

The world will begin to follow your lead! Soon, you will draw in cute attractive people who will want to pamper you too! They will want to send you to the hair salon! Ain't it funny? You've been taking good care of your hair! They will want to rub your feet, so perhaps they may send you to the spa for a massage session, or else they may even offer to do the job themselves! But, ain't that even more funny? You've been rubbing your own feet! So, in other words, all this praise and all this pampering is no big deal to you! You understand that you are. 

Start seeing yourself as beautiful, and so will the world follow your lead. Start pampering and praising yourself, and so will the world follow that lead. Start seeing yourself as handsome, and so will the ladies agree with you. Start making an effort to always smell good, and people will tell you that you smell good! Start making the effort to always look good, by wearing your best clothes, and people will tell you that you sure do look swell! Start treating yourself like you are royalty, and the world will greet you. 

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