How a Muslim Woman Lost Her 22-Year-Old Marriage Because Of Trousers in Lagos

Fatimot Abiola, a 42-year-old Muslim housewife, on Wednesday in Lagos lost her 22-year marriage to her significant other, Rasheed, for wearing trousers against her better half's desire. 

As per NAN, conveying the judgment, the President of Igando Customary Court, Lagos, Mr. Associated Akinniyi, said it gave the idea that the antagonized couple were burnt out on the marriage and all endeavors to accommodate the two gatherings had fizzled. 

"Since the two gatherings agreed to the disintegration of their marriage, this court must choose between limited options than to break down the marriage. 

"The court articulated the marriage between Mr. Rasheed Abiola and Mrs. Fatimot broke up, the two gatherings from this time forward stop to be a couple. 

"Both are allowed to go their different courses with no impediment and attack," Akinniyi ruled. 

Abiola had before told the court that his better half wears pants which he had cautioned her few times to stop from, however she can't. 

"My mom and I had cautioned Fatimot a few times to quit wearing pants, however she won't tune in. I can never again adapt to her lifestyle and her rebellious state of mind," he said. 

The 47-year-old traditions officer said his better half likewise debilitated to hurt him in the event that he takes another spouse. 

"Fatimot is debilitating to hurt me on the off chance that I make any endeavor to wed another lady. Be that as it may, Fatimot and I have not been dozing together as a couple for a considerable length of time. 

"She once left the house and stayed away forever until following a year," the alienated spouse said. 

As per him, he is encountering misery since he doesn't have genuine feelings of serenity. 

He asked the court to disintegrate the union, saying he didn't love her any longer.

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