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Saturday, 6 January 2018

10 Reasons Why Ladies Should Never Propose To Their Men

It is believed to be an untold rule that a woman’s role is to accept the proposal or reject it but not to make one. It might have originated from the stereotypical image of men being the providers both physically and financially. At the end of the day, someone, be it a guy or a girl has to take an initiative and express – after all, all that matters is love. ” All is fair in love and war.”

1. The ultimate dilemma

Finally there is that fear of being worthy enough for the man. There is a popular saying ” A girl think she is never good enough for the guy she loves”. Take pride in who you are, go ahead and speak your heart out. True love has no parameters that need to be fulfilled.

2. The special feel

Girls always want to feel special. If a guy proposes to her , she feels on top of the world , special and all the more romantic. I mean, who doesn’t like the extravagant surprise proposal on top of the Eiffel tower.

3. Easily approachable

This is a patriarchal society, and a girl proposing a guy can portray her being easily approachable. Despite a girl liking the guy, she has to keep it within herself to avoid getting tagged as what many of us call, a “loose woman” or one with no integrity. It is mainly due to the fear of being judged that she stays within the defined limits of the society.

4.Fear of rejection

Many girls do not take an initiative in proposing primarily because of the fear of rejection. It’s okay. Rejection is part of life. True, it is quite difficult to overcome the pain and grief that follows rejection. But wouldn’t not knowing whether that guy liked you be worse?

5. Unrealistic expectations

People have unrealistic romantic expectations of things which can never happen in real life. If you love that guy, why not accept his imperfections?

6. Waiting for the right guy

We have got to accept this girls, Prince Charming isn’t God, and he is bound to have imperfections. We keep waiting for the right man and soon it is late to understand there is no such thing as the right guy and the right moment.

7. Pointing fingers at you

Every time you fight, he has the one thing to say that you hate the most. He blames you for proposing to him in the first place if you couldn’t handle a petty fight. This is one of the most annoying reasons.

8. Women Prefer more to be asked out compared to men

Studies and statistics show that women preferred to be asked out in comparison to men. Ask you girl friend, she probably would like a guy to ask her out first too. The same logic applies for proposing as well. Come on, who does not like to be swept off their feet with an extravagant proposal by her guy? But well, you know that you too can take the initiative, right?

9. Cultural ties

Right from the ancient times of courtship, it was a man’s duty to ask a woman for her acceptance. Being an Indian, a woman is often taught to be docile and sit back. With changing times, you might just want to let that guy you love know your feelings. No, you won’t be an out caste by doing that. 

10.Outrageous behaviour

If by chance the girl takes the first step to ask a man out, she is judged by the conservative society. Don’t worry about it. If someone you love tells something to you, explain to them. Otherwise, remember – if you’re right, you shouldn’t step back. Love knows no bounds.

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