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Saturday, 9 December 2017

“I Became Pregnant After 4 Arab Men Raped Me” - Libya returnee Reveal Shocking Experience

Loveth Ekumabo, 25-year-old Libya returnee, has xondemened her dad's depraved conduct for her choice to escape to Libya, in any event, for safety from her dad; additionally looking for greener field. 

Ms. Ekumabo, from Uhunwode Local Government Area, is one of the several Edo indigenes that have been repatriated from Libya. They are right now in the guardianship of the state government experiencing recovery for viable reconciliation into society. 

In a meeting with the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, she reviled every one of the individuals who assaulted her in Libya, including her natural father, whose depraved activity at home, she guaranteed, was in charge of her present scrape. 

Portraying her difficulty, Ms. Ekumabo said her dad's endeavored demonstrations of interbreeding, drove her to Libya. 

She affirmed that the presentation of her dad's endeavored depraved association with her came about into a major family push.

”After I exposed what my father wanted to do to me, fight broke out at home and I had to run away for my safety.

“I went to stay with my friend who introduced me to the man that helped people to Europe.

”I did not have any money, I was made to swear to an oath in a shrine in Benin that I will pay back every kobo when I get to Europe.

”We agreed that I will pay back N200,000. I left Benin for Kano in April, 2017. From Kano we were transported in a Hilux truck through the dessert with no food and water to Agadez in Niger and from there to Tripoli in Libya.

”If you want to cross from Agadez to Tripoli without money you either get raped as a girl or get beaten up as a boy. The agency can also sell you out as slaves to get their money before you are allowed to cross to Tripoli with your new owner.

“I saw dead people; boys being killed; girls raped to death; and people sold as slaves.

“The worst part is that Nigerians are among those Arabs who treat fellow Nigerians badly.

”It was while I was about to cross to Tripoli that four Arab men raped me continuously without stop. After which I was allowed to cross to Tripoli where I discovered that I was pregnant.

”The Church where Nigerians worship in Tripoli advised me to go back to Nigeria since I cannot do any other work here now that I am pregnant.

Sounding confused, Ms. Ekumabo said she did not get any comfort and words of encouragement from her immediate family. Her biological mother forbade her to return home empty handed.

“When I called my family that I was coming back, my mother asked them to tell me to stay back and try my best to cross to Europe.

“But I said to myself that since she was not the one who sent me to Libya, she has no right to tell me to cross to Europe,” she said.

She explained that the Edo State has advised her to keep the pregnancy and has promised to give her accommodation where she will stay and be delivered of the baby.

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