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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Poison Prepared for Husband By Wife Kills 15 in-laws

A 21 year old spouse who was forced into an organized marriage has been captured after supposedly executing 15 of her in-laws in a bid to harm the man she had been requested to wed in Pakistan. 

The suspect Aasia Bibi, 21 had two months into the marriage fled to her parents' home, yet was coercively reclaimed to her husband. 

As indicated by DailyMail, Bibi was given harmful substance by her sweetheart, Shahid Lashari, to kill her better half. 

In any case, the spouse missed demise after which Aasia's relative unwittingly utilized the spoiled fluid to make Lassi – a famous conventional yogurt-based savor the Indian Subcontinent. 

This yogurt was served to 27 of Amjad's relatives who, after utilization, began to indicate manifestations of harming. 

An aggregate of 15 individuals died while 12 others are supposedly still in basic condition.

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