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Monday, 6 November 2017

Man Stabs His Neighbour In Delta For Not Allowing Him To Beat His Wife

A man who has been recognized as Enu from Emu-Obodeti in Ndokwa West LGA of Delta State, yesterday stabbed his neighbour in Port-Harcourt after the neighbor interceded as he endeavored to beat his own wife. 

As indicated by local reports, the occurrence happened yesterday when the neighbor (casualty) distinguished as Tornu Bari otherwise known as national, escorted Enu's wife back home after she got a trouble call from her husband. 

Enu and his wife preceding the time of the occurrence have been having several issues and misunderstanding which prompted Enu professedly threatening his wife of killing her, which influenced the lady to keep running for her security to look for shelter in Tornu's nephew's home where he lives with his wife. 

As per reports, Enu's wife got a misery call from her significant other saying her consideration is required desperately at home as one of her children was truly debilitated. 

Considering the time and how the call came, she asked for that Tornu escorted her home without knowing it was a ploy by her significant other to swindle her back home to kill her as he had before threatened, however tragically for him, when he was tied in with assaulting the spouse who ventured in the first place, Tornu mediated and out of outrage that Tornu had thwarted his designs, at that point followed Tornu with a severed jug and hacked a pound of substance from his right hand. 

Tornu has since been conceded at Life Forte Hospital in Rumuolumini, off Iwofe street, Port-Harcourt where he has been prescribed for a plastic surgery. 

Then, Enu have been on the keep running as the police have been on his trail.

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