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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

JSS 2 Girl Gives Birth Being Impregnated By Vice Principal

A J.S.S 2 student of Government Day Secondary School, Tunga-Minna, who was supposedly impregnated by the Vice Principal, Malam Mohammed, has given birth to a baby boy. 

The student conceived a baby at Injita town in Munya Local Government Area of Niger, a week ago. 

Mohammed, who was summoned on April 4, is right now standing trial on a two-tally charge of unlawful s*x with a tyke and impregnating a female understudy. 

The blamed was remanded in jail for three months after he argued not guilty to the charge, before he was allowed bail in the whole of N1 million by Magistrate Fatima Auna. 

As per Auna, Mohammed's activity repudiated segments 35 and 36 of the 1999 constitution and segments 341 and 342 of the Criminal Procedure Code. 

The casualty, who talked with newsmen on Tuesday in Munya, uncovered that she brought forth a child kid at her local town since her gatekeeper in Minna took her back to her parents in August. 

She said that the Vice Principal had not come to see her, and requested the help of the state government to provide food for the kid. 

The minor, in any case, said that the episode would not prevent her from understanding her fantasy of turning into a Nurse. 

"I am not glad to be a mother at this young age, yet I won't enable the occurrence to smash my fantasies of turning into a medical attendant. 

"I need to come back to class as fast as conceivable in light of the fact that despite everything I need to wind up plainly a Nurse," she said. 

She exhorted young ladies to be focused on their studies and report any type of mishandle to the school authorities or their parents. 

Malam Haruna Galadima, the 65-year-old father of the young lady, who likewise talked with newsmen, denounced the aggregate disregard of the casualty by the blamed, saying that the young lady did not get any help amid the pregnancy. 

He encouraged the state government to help his girl to come back to class and furthermore guarantee equity for her. 

"When I knew about the pregnancy, I lamented sending her to class. I continued asking why an instructor, who should educate and adjust her, was the one in charge of her issue. 

"I need the man who place her in the family approach to assume full liability of his infant's needs," he said. 

In her response, Mrs. Mairam Kolo, Director-General, Niger State Child Rights Protection Agency, said that the office had requested that the instruction service give some portion of the Vice Principal's compensation to the young lady as upkeep remittance. 

Kolo gave confirmation that the office would guarantee justice for the casualty and furthermore encourage her arrival to class.

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