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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Intelligent Women Are Foolish When It Comes Matters Of The Heart

Intelligent women are foolish when it comes to love matters. They let their heart control their brains. They make the choice and decision based on what satisfies their immediate emotional needs.

In marriage, most of these type of women continue to stay with their husband, no matter how unhappy and unfulfilled they are. Even if their intuition is telling them to run but still they continue to stay. Mostly, they are the martyr type of women who prefer to keep the marriage going despite abuse in the relationship - be it physical, psychological or emotional abuse.

These women including me, let their emotions run their life. No matter how reality sucks, they come up with every excuse, justification, and rationalization as to why they should stay even it treated not that the way they deserve. The reason for leaving is very obvious but they do the opposite.

It doesn't matter how educated you are if you don't learn to operate from the logical part of their brain and make choices and decisions based on what is right and best; it's useless. Love is not about becoming a human wallpaper for a man to treat in a way less than you deserve.

You can blame your husband for all you care, but honestly, you are the one who makes things harder than they need to be because you let your emotions dominate you which should not be. Intelligent women are self-sufficient and can take on a host of responsibly with a glorious elegance that leaves the world spellbound.

But when it comes to matters of the heart, all of these apparent facts seem to go right out the window. We are overwhelmed with the possibility of love that we forget to take our own happiness. The very reason why most of us settle for less is that our judgment becomes clouded. We can't see clearly. We just think with our hearts instead of our brains.

Intelligent women are used to putting things in its proper perspective and never make a move without tactical calculation beforehand. However, with love, all of this attention to detail is thrown in the window. We failed to see where we may be landing. We are too blinded to see the outcome of our poor decisions until it's too late.

Intelligent women are fearless and confident beings. They are the ones who intimidate than being intimated but tend to lose sight the moment they enter into a romantic relationship.

Unfortunately, the most intelligent women are the ones who are the best at rationalizing irrational behavior. We use our brilliant minds to conjure up ridiculous excuses for bad behaviors of our partners. And the terrifying thing is we are not aware of the consequence of our actions, making us not only foolish but stupid.

If you have made poor choices in the past despite being an intelligent woman which do not lead to your desired outcome, try to learn from your experience and move on with life.

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