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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

I Sold 17-year-old Girl Body Parts for N8,500 - Suspected Ritualist

A presumed ritualist, Yewunu Tanlaju,(middle) has admitted that he sold the separated parts of a 17-year-old young lady, Taye Gusinu, to a herbalist for N8, 500. 

The 35-year-old speculate purportedly killed the casualty last Thursday in Idosemo, Ipokia, Ipokia Local Government Area of Ogun State and after that removing apparently essential body parts. 

Tanlaju while talking at the police headquarters,said the casualty was peddling puff-puff, and he attracted her into a confined range and killed her. 

The suspect was paraded with two assistants, a herbalist, Olusoji Asamo and Joyi Suru. 

Clarifying how he murdered the casualty whose body was likewise conveyed to the parade ground, Tanlaju said he grabbed her from behind, tied her with a rope and butchered her. 

Tanlaju said Taye was not the primary casualty he had murdered. He said he had before executed a 40-year-old lady whose body parts he sold for N10,000. 

He stated, "It was this man (Olusoji Asamo) who instructed me to bring human parts. It was around then I saw the young lady selling puff in one school. I called her and purchased puff from her. 

"When she got done with selling, she was going, I grabbed her from behind and secured her and I butchered her myself. She endeavored yelling however I hindered her mouth. 

"This is the second time I am killing, it was in a similar territory yet I was not gotten at that point, it was the same Olusoji who asked for human parts at that point, in spite of the fact that I didn't comprehend what he needed to utilize them for. 

"When I conveyed the parts, he gave me N8,500 on the grounds that we haven't concurred on any sum however it was N10,000 he gave me when I conveyed the initial segments." 

Asamo admitted that the body parts were conveyed to him quickly the wrongdoing was conferred, he, in any case, denied giving out the agreement. 

The State Police Commissioner, Ahmed Iliyasu, while parading the suspects said they were captured after an objection by the father of the casualty, Jimoh Gusinu. 

He said the capture was effective with the joint effort of the Ogun State Command of 'Vigilante Service of Nigeria'. 

The father of the expired, who was unmistakably furious while talking with columnists, requested equity and cautioned that under no pretense should the suspects be liberated. 

He stated, "The administration should likewise murder them, they are from Tube and I am from Ijofin, we utilize a similar street and I can't stand to see police discharging them and I set my eyes on them once more. 

"On the off chance that I set my eyes on them, I won't be glad and I will assault them with whatever I can get, the full weight of the law must be permitted to follow all the way through."

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