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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How To Make Your Pen!s Bigger

We have a lot of techniques which you can make use of to enlarge your pen!s size. It does not come so easy, but with patience and endurance you will be on your way to gain a bigger pen!s. Some men who were born and grew up with a small pen!s have been able to get a big pen!s using what nature has to offer. You need patient, commitment and endurance to use the available methods to gain a big pen!s size. It will not happen like a magic, but it will happen when the time comes.

Just as everything else done on earth requires money, you need money to get a bigger pen!s. The amount of money you will spend depends on the method you opt to use. Nothing good comes free. It ranges from a few tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. This should not be too huge for you to spend because you will be the one to enjoy it in time to come. It is believed that 90% of women prefer a man with a bigger pen!s. The average length of a pen!s is 7 inches, while a lot of men are on their 4 to 6 inches. Most men have lost the love of their life as result of their small pen!s. It will be shameful for you to lose your partner because of your small pen!s when there are things which you can do to enlarge your small pen!s to a bigger pen!s. These women know why they chose to act this way. You do not have to be a subject of radical because of your small pen!s if only you will agree to follow my suggestions to gain a big pen!s.

I will list the various ways to enlarge the pen!s size and in return I will make my recommendation. They are:

1. Pen!s surgery: it is a popularly known way to enlarge the size of the pen!s. Most pen!s surgery cost a bit much. You require up to $15,000 to get your pen!s enlarged through the use of knife. It will also be in your best interest to know that there are some complications involved with pen!s surgery. You may lose your erectile ability which is popularly known as impotency when you undergo pen!s surgery. This is not always the case, but in some of the circumstances some have lost their erection ability through pen!s surgery. It is a very risky way to get a big pen!s. The fact is that not all men that do pen!s surgery are satisfied with the results it gives.

Most people that do pen!s surgery are not satisfied. Many sources can testify to this. It will be in your best personal interest to know the pros and cons of pen!s surgery to avoid regret later on. It has no reversal; further attempt to reverse your pen!s size may even cause further complications and damage of your pen!s size. You will only be able to see increase in the length of your pen!s, but not in girth. There is yet to be a form of surgery that will successfully enlarge the girth of your pen!s. It is always better to try other safer forms of enlarging the pen!s and if it does not work for you, you can then opt to try surgery. You need some months to recover from the pain of surgery and it could be painful.

2. Pen!s pills: many of us receive mails from unknown persons about one pen!s pill or the other. The truth is that 98% of pen!s pills are complete waste of your hard earned money. Pen!s pill can not increase your pen!s size but it can help you to gain a bigger erection. If when your pen!s size erects, it stands at 6 inches, some pen!s pills can add additional 2 inches to it. This should not be mistakenly for the enlargement of your pen!s size; instead it should be taken as a bigger pen!s erection. You must have seen or even tried pen!s pills such as sinrex, vimax, extenza, prosolution and the rest of other pen!s pills.

The best pen!s pill I will recommend that will give you a big pen!s erection when you take it is referred to as vimax. Vimax is unique to other pen!s pills in terms of the ingredients used for making it. You will be in a more comfortable position to gain fast and visible result from the use of vimax pen!s pill. If you plan to gain a bigger erection, then pen!s pills like vimax should be the right choice. Do not be fooled by the promises made by other pen!s pill because at the end you get nothing for money. They will just take your money and give you what my mum will call white chalk. You should be careful when you try a pen!s pill which is not recommended by an expert.

3. Pen!s exercises: the use of pen!s exercises is another way to get a big pen!s. There are some proven exercises that work to give you a bigger pen!s. It does not work the way you build your bicep to gain muscle at the gym house. But it works by forcing more blood to your pen!s which in turn develops new cells, helping your pen!s to grow new foreskin. It is possible for you to add up to 3 inches to your pen!s size through the use of pen!s exercises.

We have many types of pen!s exercises. The most popular type is jelqing. Jelqing is the most effective of all types of pen!s exercises. We also have hanging, clamping, stretching, milking and the rest of others. There are various types of jelqing which are usually known as basic and advanced jelqing. It is very difficult to see a comprehensive and effective instruction on how jelqing is done. Most websites do not provide the best way to carry it out. You need to be careful when you follow any jelqing exercise program. You may damage your pens! if you do not follow the proper precaution needed to keep your pen!s in a safe condition.

You may lost on the way when you follow the instructional techniques on how pen!s exercises is done, your best bet will be through the use of videos. Pen!s advantage offers a good guide on how to get up to 3 inches extra to your pen!s through the use of exercises. The good part of pen!s advantage is that what it provides is made easy to understand using videos, illustration diagrams, this makes it beat other pen!s exercise programs because they do not use this technique.

4. Pen!s extenders: the last and known way to enlarge your pen!s is through the use of pen!s extenders. There are suction device which are wore on the pen!s to create a permanent enlargement from the use of it. There are many types of pen!s extenders but it will also interest you to know that a lot of them lack comfortableness, effectiveness and safety. Beware of home made pen!s extenders because it is very dangerous for your pen!s size. All pen!s extenders come with straps. Straps are the major thing that does the enlargement of the pen!s size.

If the strap is not up to ce standard, then it means you may not get your desired result at the end of your pen!s program. Many pen!s extenders lack the ce standard for a pen!s extender strap. Pen!s extenders strap require a lot of time to put up.

We have straps made using rubber and latex. And under these rubber and latex straps, there are single padded and double padded types. The double padded type of pen!s extenders are known to be more comfortable, effective and most of all safe to wear.

There is only one pen!s extender that I have seen which has the double padded strap. But the problem with it is that it's a bit expensive than others. They say quality requires money. But if you have the money, I urge you to go for size genetics. It is one of the best pen!s extenders which will give the best result. You get value for your money when you get it.

Pen!s Advantage is a guide that details exactly how any guy can enlarge his pen!s using natural exercises and techniques, as well as how to improve their s*xual performance, restore their foreskin or correct a curve in their erect pen!s.

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