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Saturday, 4 November 2017

37 Year Old Man S*xually Assaults His 6 Year Old Daughter, Says it's Family Tradition

Agu Echezona Harrison, 37, has been remanded in jail by an Ikeja High Court, Lagos for s*xually assualting his 6-year-old girl, by professedly embedding his fingers into her vagina. 

Harrison was summoned on a one tally charge of rape. The arraigning officer, Adebayo Haroun, told the Court that the denounced submitted the offense in the vicinity of 2013 and 2015 at No. 23 Rotimi Omotosho Street, Isheri Osun. 

Akukwe Priscilla, Harrison's better half, who detailed the case to the police, said that the respondent was attached to touching the young lady's private part. As per her, she saw a hostile scent overflowing out of her little girl's private part with visit whitish release. 

Whenever asked, the girl answered that her daddy has been embeddings his hand into her bum. She stated: "Attendants affirmed that somebody has been touching her. When I stood up to him, he denied it and I furiously went to his mom to report the issue. 

My relative instructed him to prevent me from heightening the issue. From that point forward, in December 2013, he assaulted my more youthful sister and furthermore endeavored to deny it, not knowing I had taken my sister for a test at the healing facility to check the drop of sperm found inside her. 

Since it was scarcely 24 hours the assault happened, I constrained him to go for a test likewise and he did. The doctor's facility affirmed it was a match with the one on my sister. He promptly began asking and prostrating that he was sad. 

I had felt he was genuinely sad, when in 2014 I began seeing same release from my little girl. I needed to go out with my children, which he later came battling for guardianship, particularly for my daughter." 

In the interim, Harrison verbally assaulted a few writers who were endeavoring to get actualities of the issue from the court. He stated: "I will sue you individuals in the event that you compose anything about me. It is a family issue and, thusly, not your issue to worry about." 

He additionally proceeded to pour a sachet of pure water water on a NAN journalist who endeavored to take his photo. Equity Ogunsanya deferred the issue till November 20 for beginning of trial.

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