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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

20-year-old Woman Throws Her Baby from 17th Floor Building

Netchanok Nokyungtong, a lady from Thailand has confessed to thrwing her infant from a seventeenth floor window since her wedded sweetheart left her to go back to his family. 

As per Daily Mail UK, Netchanok Nokyungtong, 20, told police she was crushed when her 40-year-former husband abandoned her and went back to his family in South Korea after she disclosed to him she was pregnant. 

Not long after giving birth to the baby, she wrapped the child kid in a plastic sack and tossed him from her window. 

An appalled witness told police that he saw an expansive object fall past his window on the fourth floor and hit the ground at around 5pm, and was stunned to discover the infant kid on the ground when he ran down the stairs to check. 

He called police who found the infant wrapped in a green plastic pack with the umbilical line still appended. His heart was not thumping. 

Officers checked CCTV and later captured Nokyungtong who conceded tossing the infant out the window. 

She said she had done as such on the grounds that her sweetheart 'Kim' from South Korea, as of now had a family and went back to them in the wake of discovering she was pregnant. 

Netchanok has now been taken to healing center to be checked. Yet, she will remain in police authority and be prosecuted.

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