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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

10 Youths Murdered In Edo Cult War

At  least 10 youths have been slaughtered in the current  war amongst Aye, Eiye and Malphite with the current inclusion of a young fellow's head set in plain view at a junction.

These are peoples' fathers, siblings, children and spouses!! Individuals rush to denounce cultists most particularly non-individuals and the administration whom we voted to secure lives have additionally taken same way, paying a hard of hearing ear to an issue as touchy as this with moms heart been softened year up year out like am menstrual cycle. 

In cutting edge social orders when things like this happen residents challenge and not until there is a mass dissent around significant regions in Benin our government won't react with charges that will forbid cultism!

‘CULTISTS ARE HUMANS NOT ANIMALS’ and they need help cos unemployment is one major cause of this menace. We are tired of seeing our youths bodies littering every street and corner. Join this protest today and let’s stop the current heartbreak, the mistake have been made but we can erase it just like a pencil and eraser! JOIN THE PROTEST TODAY!!

- Dailytimes

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