Man Publicly Disgraces His New Bride, Plays Video of Her With Another Man During Their Wedding Dinner

A furious man in Singapore as of late chose to show his cheating wife a lifetime lesson by playing a video of her infidelity before their wedding visitor. 

As indicated by The Independent, their friends and family and visitor were shocked when they saw the lady of the hour behaving romantically with another man on the screen. 

The video as detailed started with the lady and the man's relationship up until this point however abruptly, there was a clasp of the lady of the hour with another man going into a lodging room and subsequently engaged in sexual relations in the room. 

As indicated by sources, the man who is a rich business person contracted a private investigator to trail his fiancee weeks before their wedding. Maybe, he had suspected that she was undermining him. 

After the video was played at the wedding, the 'humiliated' and 'embarrassed' lady of the hour is said to have come up short on the wedding lobby. 

The story ended up noticeably popular after the private investigator contracted by the the groom, Miss Zhuo allowed a meeting with a Singaporean media on the issue. 

Zhuo said she anticipated that her client would cancel the wedding however she was flabbergasted when she got a solicitation to their wedding. 

She asserted she burned through a month and a half observing the life partner before detailing back on her charged discoveries to her client. 

She said it was just when she saw the tape of the lady show up at the wedding that she comprehended the groom's inspiration. 

The recording was played before "numerous" visitors, Ms Zhuo said. 

The couple and the asserted sweetheart have not been named.

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