Man Cut Out Neighbour's Liver and Planned to Eat it to Extend His Life Span

Paere Jongthong, an affirmed flesh eater from Thailand is said to have removed his neighbor's liver and intended to eat it 'in a hot plate of mixed greens' to extend his own particular life span. 

As per Daily Mail UK, the charged killer was gotten with his casualty's liver in his pant  and told police he had slaughtered his elderly neighbor. 

Be that as it may, the 24-year-old said he just slaughtered Tan Loon-ubon, 79, after the old man asserted to have executed Mr Jongthong's dad. 

The murder occurred at Mr Loon-ubon's home in the town of Dong Suang, Bueng Karn Province, in the upper east of the nation. 

Mr Jongthong told police he was going to his neighbor as he regularly did, however on this event he had taken a tablet of methamphetamine and smoked some cannabis. 

He says that their discussion took an odd bend when the elderly man all of a sudden said he had killed Mr Jongthong's dad. 

Mr Jongthong stated: 'He disclosed to me he slaughtered my father. I said that couldn't be valid, yet he wouldn't quit discussing it. I didn't recognize what to do. 

'I cut him, and he cried and apologized. I was so furious. I inquired as to whether he was coming clean.' 

Police say that the elderly casualty was found with his belly cut completely open and had damage to the neck. 

A long kitchen cut observed close-by is believed to be the murder weapon. 

They said the casualty's liver was found in Mr Jongthong's pants. Asked whether he had proposed to eat it, Mr Jongthong stated: 'Yes, believe it or not.' 

Thai media report that he even had a formula got ready for the liver, a zesty plate of mixed greens. 

Police captured him and accused him of murder.

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