Lady Cuts Her Neighbor’s Tongue for Rituals in Lagos

A woman recognized as Ilerioluwa has been captured at Ogudu, Lagos, for supposedly removing her neighbor, Suleman Babangida's tongue for rituals. 

As indicated by online reports, the incident supposedly happened last Thursday, October fifth around midnight. 

The casualty Babangida, while describing how he was assaulted, stated: 

"It was around 11:30pm when I returned home. At that point when I was going to go and urinate at the restroom, out of the blue I just observed this woman that I usually call Ilerioluwa, at my back inside the lavatory. 

I asked sister Ileri what's occurring, out of the blue, she simply gagged my neck and I couldn't have the quality to shout out to a great degree. Everything I could see next was that my tongue had been chopped down." 

Ileri was later captured and the tongue recovered from her. As per Babangida, she is as of now being kept at the Kirikiri jail, subsequent to showing up in court on Friday.

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