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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

“I became g*y after my father’s friend raped me” – 23 Year Old Nigerian Man Reveals

A 23-year-old Nigerian man, distinguished as Femi who was among the 42 g*y people captured in a Lagos hotel in July has uncovered that he progressed toward becoming g*y after his Father's friend assaulted him. 

As indicated by him, they were celebrating a birthday with friends which finished when they were captured as they were accused of participating in "g*y exercises". Femi spent a month and two days in prison. 

He has lost his work as a cleaner, left his examinations at college and engaged in s*xual relations for cash to help pay for a ticket to Ghana where he trusts he can slip into obscurity. 

Femi says he ended up being g*y at 14 when he went gaga for the man who assaulted him, a more established man who was dear friends with his dad. He kept the relationship a mystery until the point when his dad blamed him for being "g*y and acting girly". 

"When he was furious he would begin beating me," Femi says. 

"Any error and he would hit me. Consistently, consistently." 

Following a month and two days in prison following his capture, a NGO safeguarded him out. 

Alongside the other men, Tunde argued not blameworthy to the charge in court, but rather his photo, name and HIV status were taken by nearby media and sprinkled crosswise over daily papers around the country. 

"When I turned out my mum discovered and the general population I work with were manhandling me saying I'm a young lady," he says. 

"My grandmother purchased the daily paper and said I was not some portion of their family any longer and that I should go out." 
The men returns to court for November 22. Lagos lobbyist Peter Kass, whose NGO — Access to Health and Rights Development Initiative — was at the inn leading HIV tests for a portion of the benefactors the evening of the captures, claims posses utilized online networking to discover clueless g*y men out to either pound them or admonish cash from them. 
"What individuals do is ping you or you get visiting and after that you discuss attaching," he says. 

"When you arrive you find the individual isn't even g*y and there are six or seven men there … who are recently out there to pummel g*y men."

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