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Friday, 27 October 2017

I am Addicted to Robbery, I can't Stop - Father of Two

Joshua Tabiti, 31, has told agents of the Zonal Intervention Squad, (ZIS) Onikan, Lagos State, that he couldn't quit robbery and theft, regardless of the possibility that his life relied upon it. 

He said that he had been taking ideal from his adolescence. Three different individuals from the posse, captured alongside him are Oluseye Arokoyo (34), Ahmed Alli (24) and Moses Ofoke (31), collector of the stolen vehicles. 

Tabiti stated: "I have done everything to quit taking, however I proved unable. My folks additionally attempted their best, yet I can't get rid of burglary. I was sacked where I functioned as a driver after I stole my supervisor's cash." 

The suspect and his members individuals were said to have stolen in regards to 26 Toyota Camry autos from Oworoshoki, Bariga and Somolu zones of Lagos city. He stated: "I'm a driver with two children. 

I began doing this activity after I was sacked where I filled in as a driver at Victoria Island. My companion acquainted me with this activity in 2017. I have stolen 11 vehicles in Oworonshoki, Bariga and Somolu in Lagos. What we do is to go out around 2 a.m. 

A man cuts an ace key for us to take Toyota cars. We open the cars and kick-begin the starts. We don't victimize at gunpoint. We got the key for N1000 or N2000. In the wake of taking, we send the autos to Ondo to two purchasers. 

The firswt car we stole was a Nissan salon. We sold it for N100, 000, the other; a Toyota Camry was sold for N200, 000. Others were sold for N300, 000. We more often than not share the cash in the wake of offering the cars. I utilized my own cash to lease a house and purchased family unit things."

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