Corpse of Man Killed by Lightening to be Exhumed by Ilorin Muslim Community in Kwara

Individuals from the llorin Muslim Community in Kwara on Tuesday said they would unearth the corpse of a government employee killed by lightening on September 20, in Oro, lrepodun Local Government Area. 

The Coordinator of the llorin Muslim burial ground and an instructor in the University of llorin, Abubakar Aliagan, made this known in a meeting with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in llorin. 

Mr. Aliagan said that the llorin Muslim Community had consummated course of action to uncover the cadaver to give him appropriate Islamic internment. 

NAN reports that the casualty, a 47-year old Salami Adekunle, who was a staff of the Kwara College of Education, Oro was covered at a Christian graveyard, Okeose on September 21. 

Mr. Adekunle was covered after his body was rejected at the Muslim graveyard in llorin. 

Mr. Aliagan, in any case, said that the body was rejected for entombment at the llorin Muslims burial ground on September 21 following the refusal of mystics to permit the dead body experience petition and shower custom in the Islamic way. 

Mr. Aliagan said that the llorin Muslim Community had secured court directive with the endorsement of the state government and police allow to complete the exhumation for the reburial at the llorin Muslim burial ground as per Islamic orders. 

The facilitator said that the Pathologists at the University of llorin Teaching Hospital, who might complete the exhumation inside the most brief time had been formally reached. 

On whether the group of the expired will be informed on the activity, he said the relatives were not some portion of the new plan since they had surrendered to the before entombment. 

The wear said that the choice of the llorin Muslim Community to unearth the body and re-cover it in the Islamic way was reasonable since he passed on as a Muslim. 

"We as Muslims have the ethical obligation to ensure our sibling who passed on as a Muslim yet we were at first crippled when his family and the administration of the College of Education, Oro enabled a few ritualists to assume control," he said. 

The late Salami Adekunle, who hailed from llesha in Osun before his passing by helping was a staff at the Registry Department of Kwara College of Education, Oro.

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