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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Church Where Members are Served Beer During Service Uncovered in Ogun State

A church where individuals are professedly urged to drink beer amid service has been revealed in Ifo, Ogun state. As per reports from The Nation, a congregation named "As God said, It Must Be Done, The Temple of the Most High God," was found in Oke-Aro in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State. The congregation which many have named the 'church of Satan', has left individuals pondering what's truly going ahead there, following what many may see as 'weird exercises.The individuals from the hurch are purportedly urged to drink liquor inside the congregation premises, offer sacrifices, while a few 'villians' in the Bible like King Ahab, Nebuchadnezzar and Satan are supposedly regarded as imperative dieties. 

The sanctuary which had a Celestial church of Christ and a mosque as neighbors several years back, is said to hold just about 10-hour-long administrations on Sundays, which might be the motivation behind why the previous neighbors needed to empty their premises. 

The sanctuary is purportedly about canvassed in red and white colours, and a section which is utilized to murder creatures for their 'sacrifices' before being served to admirers, is additionally said to be holed up behind a red entryway at the far right corner of the congregation. Additionally recognizable is the way that male and female individuals from the assembly are made to sit separate from each other. The sanctuary additionally brags of two sacred places, from where the 'diviner', Blessed Dike-Oji-Ofo Chukwu, lectures from in the wake of going by the 'Most High'. He is cited as saying "despite everything I communed with the Most High a month ago. I sit and talk with Him frequently. I know his shape. Who says we can't see God?". 

The congregation which as of late celebrated their sixth commemoration of utilizing the sanctuary, is said to have a spot where a skull is set between two wooden cross-bones, perhaps connoting peril, and a major calabash. As indicated by a female part, benefit apparently closes just when the soothsayer says it's alright to, nightfall of singing, moving and gathering of commitments (tithe of the most high, addressed supplication offering, sanctuary offering, Caesar's putting forth, offering of the earth holy place – Exodus 20:24). She stated: "When we go to the sanctuary on Sundays, we are not in a rush. We close when the diviner says we will close, even until night, if that is the thing that he needs."

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