We Want Nnamdi Kanu's Father Alive or Dead - Abia State Traditional Rulers Tell Nigerian Army

Customary rulers in Umuahia North Council Area of Abia State have approached the Nigeria Army to discharge in any condition, their associate and dad of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Eze Israel Kanu, saying since the intrusion and assault on his royal residence by officers last Thursday, they were at a misfortune as to his whereabouts. 

In denouncing the assault yesterday, the illustrious fathers additionally censured scowled at what they called the attentiveness of the Palace and honored position and requested the repair of the structures in the castle and in addition the royal position and remuneration to do the important settlement for the despoiled royal residence and royal position. 

"The armed force should tell us the where about of Eze Israel Kanu. We require his life or dead. We don't know where our associate is; we have not found out about him or from him. We need him created life or dead. We are additionally stressed over the watchfulness of the royal residence and the honored position. 

"We absolutely denounce the assault on Eze Isreal Kanu's royal residence by troopers. His cook, a lady was executed amid the assault. The Nigeria Army should reveal to us the transgressions of Eze Kanu. 

"We approach the Federal Government to produce the individuals who completed the assault and furthermore act the hero of Eze Kanu and his family finished the blow-back done in his royal residence and carefulness of the honored position. 

"We were astonished that warriors would come into Abia State for such assault without the information of the Governor who is the central security officer, to get his freedom. We are approaching the world to our protect. We have been calling for exchange yet they ignored our call and came to slaughter," the rulers said. 

Deploring the assault on the royal residence and claimed missing of the ruler, the conventional rulers affirmed that Eze Kanu's cook, a lady was slaughtered amid the attack by the troops. 

Talking in Umuahia, under the umbrella assemblage of Ibeku Traditional Rulers Council, the Chairman of the Council, Eze Henry Ezekwem, flanked by different rulers, repudiated a gathering, Umuahia Youth Association, which gave Governor Okezie Ikpeazu final proposal to depose Eze Israel Kanu, saying that the affiliation does not exist in Umuahia. 

As indicated by them, Nnmadi Kanu is an undeniable grown-up and his dad can't be considered responsible for his activities. 

"Ibeku customary rulers abandon the gathering, it doesn't exist; we additionally dismiss the call to depose Eze Israel Kanu. He has not submitted any offense. Nnamdi Kanu is a grown-up, he has his opportunity to work out; his dad can't stop him. 

"We approach Governor Okezie Ikpeazu to overlook such call. We don't think about the said affiliation, it doesn't exist in Umuahia, they are non-existent. Indeed, we compliment the Governor for dismissing the call and saying transparently that he would not depose Eze Kanu." 

They complimented the development with which Governor Ikpeazu took care of the emergency and furthermore recognized the three Senators from the State for their part and in addition Senate President, Bukola Saraki for remaining by reality.

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