Recently Married Man Hacked to Death By His Wife's Ex Lover in Their Home

A recently wedded man has been killed as he was stabbed to death by his wife's envious ex lover who raged his home. 

Svetlana Kostina, a 24-year-old love bird lady has ran away from being captured after her ex cut her new spouse to death and afterward drove off with her to live a new life. 

As per The Sun UK, the young lady and her new hubby Dmitry Vladimirov, 26, were planning to leave on wedding trip when her ex turned up at their home in Kirov, northwest Russia. 

As Dmitry addressed the entryway, the abandoned assailant, who has not been named, dove a blade into his stomach, cutting him over and again until the point when he crumbled in a pool of blood. 

He at that point dragged the astonished blonde out of the room where she had been covering up and constrained her into his auto, revealing to her he anticipated building another future with her. 

As per police, she played along until the point when they halted at a petroleum station where she figured out how to escape and raise the alert. 

The crazed wannabe ruffian was caught in a matter of seconds a while later. 

At the point when cops landed at the love birds' home they found the spouse dead. 

A police report stated: "The suspect was wanting to flee to another area. 

"He was wanting to live with Svetlana and have babies with her. 

"The suspect was arrested and will stay there until the point that the examination is finished. He will then face court." 

Troubled Svetlana later took to web-based social networking where she spilled out her melancholy. 

She posted: "God talented me adore, family and satisfaction. Be that as it may, after two months the majority of this was detracted from me... One day we will meet once more. I cherish you as I have never adored in my life." 

The ex is currently confronting life behind bars.

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