Nigerian Prophet Revives Dead Kid in South Africa

A Nigerian Prophet who is to assume control Anointed CFM/Seer1,South Africa, yesterday amazed his church members after he revived a dead kid that was brought by his family. 
As indicated by reports, the guardians, Mr and Mrs Clive, said their child died at 6am however they chose not to take him to the funeral home since they had caught wind of the new Prophet in South Africa. 

They brought him to be restored on the grounds that they had heard incredible things about the Prophet's work. 

This is not the first run through the youthful prophet has set tongues swaying, a week ago at his congregation, he 'summoned' dollars to go into individuals' pockets and genuine dollars were found in individuals' pockets on live TV. 

Various individuals have communicated skepticism and named the Prophet Seer1 as a mystical performer with solid forces while many esteem him as Messiah. A fast check by journalists on his congregation last Sunday indicated many individuals worshiping him, some going so far as calling him Jesus. 

"I have the influence, I can perform anything that I need including changing a man to a lady, making you rich and taking without end misfortune from you, " the Prophet was heard saying.

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