Mother Kills Her Own Daughter Because She Thought the Baby Was Possessed

Sofina Nikat, a 24-year-old mum has confessed how she choked out her 15-month-old little girl to death since she though baby was possessed.

As indicated by The Sun UK, Sofina Nikat, 24, conceded executing infant Sanaya Sahib before dumping her dead body in a Melbourne brook.

She had at first told police an African man who possessed a scent reminiscent of liquor had grabbed Sanaya, however admitted seven days after the fact that she had made up the story "since she was terrified".

Nikat conceded to child murder after prosecutors minimized her murder accusation when they learnt she had been experiencing a depressive disease at the season of Sanaya's passing.

It's trusted Sanaya was seen foaming at the month prior to her demise - inciting Nikat to trust she had been possessed.

A Muslim cleric in Fiji purportedly disclosed to Nikat's folks that their granddaughter was "under an evil eye".

On Friday 24-year-old was allowed safeguard by Justice Lex Lasry after the court heard she was rationally unwell.

Nikat conceded tossing her little girl's dead body into Darebin Creek close scrubland, before telling a relative that the 15-month-old had been grabbed from her pram.

Cops propelled a frantic look for the youngster, and the following day found her body in the river.

The court heard Nikat was experiencing sorrow subsequent to bringing forth Sanaya in January 2015.

She had been living in a ladies' asylum in the months prior to Sanaya's demise in the wake of isolating from her accomplice.

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