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Friday, 1 September 2017

Lady Sets Fire On Lover While He is Asleep For Breaking Relationship

One Blessing Ohare Ukhurebor has professedly set on fire herself and her 36-year-old life partner, John Emeka Obodoechina on fire since he chose to stop the relationship. 

As per Daily Sun, the lovebirds for over a year, and she had moved in with him. . 

Close sources educated that at a point, John presented Blessing, from Edo State, to his kin. He was encouraged to think about the woman for quite a while and choose if the family ought to formally go to Blessing's family for share installment. 

John was said to have hinted the young lady of his expectations to meet with her family, yet the meeting was suspended at the case of the woman's family. A relative of John uncovered that he, John, began seeing some inadmissible conduct from Blessing. 

A portion of the couple's neighbors additionally announced that at the scarcest misconception, Blessing would bolt the entryway, pull a kitchen blade and undermine to cut John. 

John's senior sibling, Chief Obodoechina Snr, clarified that John revealed to him that he had met Blessing in his office, and that he had been helping Blessing in the business she was doing with the organization from where they wound up noticeably personal. 

"After around three months, Blessing began taking some of her possessions into John's place. Around then Blessing did not know whether anybody was John's sister or partner in the workplace, so any calls from a female guest was viewed as a forbidden. 

That was when John began acquainting Blessing with his sisters and associates. However, when all that additionally neglected to ensure peace, John felt that marriage amongst Blessing and himself may be deplorable, so he chose to end the relationship. 

He in this manner educated Blessing that them two should go separate ways in peace. Be that as it may, Blessing, evidently didn't care for the thought. The circumstance peaked on August 1. That was the day John gave Blessing N100, 000 to enable her to secure a loft before she set herself and John on fire. 

John's sister, Angela Ibrahim, stated: "She poured fuel on him when he was sleeping, and lit the match. Sadly, in light of the fact that fuel is inflammable, she was likewise affected."

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