Evil Couple Exposed After Killing and Eating a Woman's Flesh in Their House

A Russian couple has been accused of murder and human flesh consumption and have been busted. Russian agents uncovered on Monday that they have confined the couple on doubt of killing a lady and eating her tissue in the wake of finding selfies with the casualty's body parts. 

As indicated by Agence France Presse, AFP, the Investigative Committee in the southern Krasnodar locale captured the 35-year-old man and his significant other after a lost telephone containing the photos was given to police. 

They trust the man murdered the lady in a tanked battle in no man's land on September 8 and afterward cut up her body while his better half was available. 

"In the wake of doing the wrongdoing, the man brought photos of himself with a few sections of the dead lady's body with his phone camera," agents said. 

The telephone was followed to the couple living in a lodging at an adjacent military office, where an assault revealed body parts in a salt arrangement. 

A source in the law implementation specialists disclosed to RIA Novosti news office these incorporated "a container containing a protected hand". 

In the kitchen, officers said they additionally discovered "bits of nourishment and solidified bits of meat of obscure starting point," which they are presently trying to see if it is human or creature substance. 

The man asserted he found the body parts in a woods stop. 

Agents said they were giving the case top need and would check data about the speculates' conceivable association in different violations.

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