Drama as Ilorin Cemetery Rejects Dead Body of Man who was Struck by Lightning

The administration of llorin Muslim Cemetery on Friday rejected the dead body of a 47-year-old government worker, Mr Salami Adekunle, who was killed by lightning in Oro, lrepodun Local Government Area of Kwara. 

The Coordinator responsible for the graveyard, Dr Abubakar Aliagan, revealed this in a meeting with the News Agency of Nigeria in llorin. 

As per him, the graveyard administration collectively dismissed the internment of the expired after a guideline that the corpes ought not undergo the ordinary Islamic petitions and shower. 

Aliagan said while the expired was portrayed as a Muslim amid his life time, Muslims in his region declined to acknowledge that his passing was a demonstration of God. 

He said the execution of customary ceremonies on Adekunle's cadaver after his passing and the guidelines cautioning against leading Islamic rituals on it was unsatisfactory to the administration of the graveyard. 

"On the off chance that the late Salami will rest in our Muslim burial ground, we need to do it in accordance with lslamic rituals,'' Aliagan said. 

Adekunle was on Thursday struck to death by lightning amid a rainfall. 

The expired, who hails from lnisa in Osun, was until his passing a staff of the Registry Department at the Kwara College of Education, Oro. 

The Public Relations Officer of the foundation, Mr Adesola Adewoye, said the group of the expired would meet and settle on the following line of move to make on the internment game plan.

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