We Have Proof That Boko Haram Leader Shekau Is Dead- DHQ Reportedly Declares

The Nigerian military apparently kept up it has proof to indicate Abu Shekau is dead. The military however noticed that there are numerous Shekaus in the fight against uprising. 

It needs Nigerians to help security organizations in the fight against fear based oppression The Nigerian military has purportedly announced that it has enough confirmation that Abu Shekau, the pioneer of a group of the Boko Haram psychological oppressor faction, is dead. The New Telegraph reports that the military base camp however added that there is by all accounts numerous Shekaus in presence. The report said John Enenche, guard representative, who talked with Osasu Igbinedion on The Osasu Show, said however Boko Haram has been crushed; there can't be add up to peace in the north-east. 

"Boko Haram has been vanquished, however overcome is a procedure to accomplishing complete peace. "Annihilation is a bundle and it has begun; so why would we be able to state completely and unquestionably that Boko Haram has been vanquished? "We can state that in light of the fact that before at that point, you will concur with me that you can't move around the way individuals move around in the north-east at this point.

 "Extremists and fear based oppressors had add up to control over some nearby governments, they were at that point gathering charges as government, yet now it is never again so. "They have been vanquished, there is a level of security in Nigeria, yet does that mean there is no outfitted theft in Nigeria? "On the off chance that you consider human science, culpability, wrongdoing and every one of these indecencies are a piece of human living. "There is no aggregate peace anyplace on the planet, and it can never exist. It is ordinary, it is a standard anomaly that accompanies human presence," he apparently said. Enenche included: "It is fairly heartbreaking that individuals will trust liars and guerillas, lawbreakers, who don't have the adoration for this nation on a fundamental level. "How genuine is it that the individual you are seeing is the pioneer of Boko Haram? Someone that shows up on a video? Who can check it, where is the criminological confirmation. 

"The eveidence that we have that any Shekau that at any point disposed of has been dispensed with is because of our after activity report. "When you assault a region and there were people there from your knowledge, reconnaissance and recconaisance report, and now you assume out that position and there's nothing left; that is confirm. 

"Anything can be transferred, there is no measurable confirmation that can state this. There are numerous Shekaus, there are different Shekaus, which is my solid conviction. "A Shekau is as yet alive, individuals continue acting like Shekaus, however who knows the genuine Shekau? "Just the indigenes and the general population that are there, and individuals like conveying enormous names, that is the reason we continue thumping out any Shekau that surfaces," he included.

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