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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Teenage Cultists Arrested with Firearms and Charms In Abia State

Police agents joined to Isiala-Ngwa North Division, amid an attack of suspected criminal safehouses at Mbubo Nsulu Isiala-Ngwa North, captured four youngsters having a place with the infamous ABC religion gathering. The cultists, whose names are David Adieze matured 18yrs, Chinemere Isaac matured 14yrs, Chimezie Moses Francis 17yrs and Okon Effiong Samuel matured 19yrs were captured with one privately made Revolver gun, its 2 rounds of live ammo and charms. Examination is in advance. 

Likewise, policemen joined to Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (F-SARS) Obehie captured the trio of Chigozie Akpara, Ndubuisi Nwoko both of Umuokwo town Asa and Nnamdi Kanu of Umukalu town both in Ukwa-West LGA who broke into Oza Secondary School Asa at some point a year ago and trucked away eight (cool Desktop Computer sets provided to the School by NDDC. The presumes admitted to the wrongdoing and the stolen PC sets have been recuperated. 

Similar agents while on watch along Aba/Port-Harcourt Express way captured the couple of Agu Sunday and Chinagorom Nwaogwugwu the two guys of Obigbor town Asa, Ukwa-West possessing three trailer batteries of 200AMPS every, Battery wire and charger. The things were stolen from Obimobio Nigeria Limited Obuaku City Aba/Port-Harcourt Express way. 

The speculates admitted to the wrongdoing and the things were recovered .

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