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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Stuntwoman Dies on Set of Deadpool 2

Barely 24 hours after Tom Cruise was injured while performing a stunt on Mission Impossible 6 set, a stunt woman has died on the set of Dead Pool 2 filming in Vancouver

The rider successfully completed the stunt four times in the Canadian city's Jack Poole Plaza, before disaster stuck on the fifth attempt.Local media reports the "the throttle somehow engaged" and the rider lost control while 'stood' on the motorbike.

Witnesses said the bike flew through the air and crashed though glass window on the ground floor of the Shaw Tower.

Onlookers thought the crash was part of filming but quickly realised it was a serious "unplanned" crash, they told TV crews.The movie stars Ryan Reynolds as the Marvel Comics character Deadpool.

It is unclear if Reynolds was on the set today but he was photographed on set filming last week in the city.


UK Mirror

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